Welcome to my reflective platform, where I share my thoughts, feelings, experiences and opinions. As the name of the website goes "tittleiota", so does its content, that is an attempt from a humble heart and a little being to understand all that is beyond my own macrocosm.

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This is the article about Android giving a strong competition to other companies in the race to win customer’s satisfaction.

This is articles about Sony Ericsson making the announcement about Mix Walkman and txt pro.

This is articles that I have written about the rumours that have been circling around that Amazon Android Tablet will offer video streaming.

This is an article that I have written about hiring former White House Press Secretary for Facebook and what it means for its political strength.

This is an article about what happens when parents are going through a divorce process and what they should keep in mind regarding their children.

My listicle about ten of the most interesting conspiracy theories that have intrigued and baffled us for ages and will continue to do so until there happens a better research on them to bring the truth in front of us.

My listicle that has many interesting and easy to apply tips about summer make up and how you can look your best.

My listicle about worth knowing and interesting facts about breast cancer. It also has many statistics that will make you aware about its deadliness.

My listicle discussing the reasons why Facebook is a better social network to have a profile on rather than Twitter. Even though, Twitter has its own unique purpose and so a person can choose either. Hence, this listicle also highlight why Facebook has been so famous.

My listicle on the ten most popular actors and actresses who actually do their own stunts mostly risking their lives and providing real life thrills to themselves and to the audiences alike.

My listicle on the top new A-listers in Hollywood who have joined the rank of the top celebrities recently. It also covers a little profile on their performances as well.

My article about why Natalie Portman was given undue recognition through many awards. This article also bring forward the fact that many of her dancing scenes were actually performed by two dance doubles, Natalie used during filming. This whole thing has been a part of much controversy.

My listicle on very interesting unknown facts about chocolate that highlight its origin and its present delight. You can read as well as share this amazing piece of information.

My listicle on the ten most cleanest cities in America that you can choose to live in for its healthy atmosphere.